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December 06 2017

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Succulents and cacti are my frustrations because I want to have them but they end up dying on me. I can’t get it right. I already had 3 succulents and 3 cacti that withered. Imagine that! #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2AawPVU

December 05 2017

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Hello! I have been a little preoccupied this past week. I haven’t had a full week like that for a long time. From church volunteer appreciation night to a wedding to meeting friends not seen in almost a year to completing work hours since I had to be out a lot. This is going to be the busiest December I bet. Haha. So I’ll just drop this photo of a succulent because they’re my frustration. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2jSxPTs

November 25 2017

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Semi-glamping. @gypsybeach.ph has a kitchen, shower, and toilet. Tables and chairs are available and there’s electricity to charge your devices. There’s also a room available to rent if sleeping in tents is not your thing.
#nickletravels #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2jkcGBw

November 24 2017

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Are those human or animal foot pprints? Lol. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2B9zTO5

November 21 2017

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Manong working hard on his boat. #nickletravels #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2mKWNsK

October 01 2017

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Window. #blackandwhite #nickletakespictures #bnwphotography #mobilephotography http://ift.tt/2xPmEU5

September 09 2017

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2 weeks ago we had our True Life retreat at Mt. Makiling Recreation Center. Today we’re doing the reunion. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2xVLvDq

July 05 2017

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This was taken around 2 hours after the previous one I posted was taken. After the gloomy weather, the sun came out and everything looked better. Just like in life, the struggles we experience are only temporary. After we go through the bad stuff, we will rise again and have better days. #nickletravels #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2sGhybz

June 27 2017

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Alley. Those boys, age ranging 9-11, we’re smoking. I thought they were just playing ball. 🙁
#nickletakespictures .

#mobilephotography #vscocam #vsco #oppof1s #mobilephotographyph #street #urban #streetphotography #kidsthesedays http://ift.tt/2sjOTUP

May 05 2017

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Don Porong Ejercito 1912 Ancestral House. We asked if we could come in but was told the house is open when the family is there. It would be nice to go back and see the inside. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2qGEP8I

May 04 2017

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church
#nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2pAuooS

May 03 2017

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Pretty yellow house surrounded by trees. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2pwve63

May 02 2017

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There must be more to this provincial life. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2p0jGEt

April 30 2017

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Welcome to Pagsanjan, Laguna!
Got a great shot in between passing vehicles. I wanted to stand in the middle of the street but couldn’t find the right time, too many cars zipping past. #nickletakespictures http://ift.tt/2qhUQ7W

January 31 2017

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I need to start somewhere, right? 

I think this may be the first time I posed and looked like (at least for me) a good attempt at “modeling”. It was a random day with a friend and we decided to take pictures around the mall’s new park.

June 07 2015

May 31 2015

May 24 2015

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May 17 2015

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May 10 2015

Top 5 artists this week

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